miercuri, 25 septembrie 2013


Congres, Demo, Workshops
27 – 28 Septembrie 2013, Cheile Grădiștei – Fundata

Evenimentul interactiv ce va cuprinde demonstrații practice pentru a ilustra posibilitățile tehnologiei de ultima generație este organizat de Ordinul Tehnicienilor Dentari din Romania în parteneriat cu firmele bredent group, Schuetz și Vita, are ca scop prezentarea posibilității de realizare a lucrărilor protetice intr-un timp scurt, prin combinarea tehnicilor clasice cu cele moderne, precum si prezentarea unor materiale si tehnologii de ultima generație.

CDT Mark J. Price
Owns Elite Dental Studio | Director of Dental Excellence @ Harewood

“In the restorative field of dentistry we are facing 2 challenges: on one hand are standing the aesthetic ‎requests of the patients, and on the other there are the mandatory features of implant prosthetics. I am waiting for you during the event in Cheile Grădiștei to share to you my experience and solutions. By inserting a new material in a verified protocol I obtain predictable results, which worth spreading.“

Dr. Florian Obădan
Managing Director | bredent-medical România

"One of the bredent group company values is partnership and I am trying to act like a partner for our customers.This means a lot of traveling and assisting in using our therapy concepts, but also sharing a lot of the clinical experience which I gained through many years. By offering my surgical but also prosthetical knowledge I had lots of opportunities to help my colleagues, but also to enrich my portfolio of cases, both in Romania and also abroad."