duminică, 13 octombrie 2013

bredentgroup days Romania | 2nd SKY fast & fixed Forum

Again as host of this event, we look forward to welcoming you to "bredent group days Romania | 2nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 24th-26th, October, 2013" and wish you a successful participation at this interesting event.

The bredent group days Romania | 2nd SKY fast & fixed Forum is being held at Hohe Rinne Păltiniș Hotel & Spa - Sibiu on 24th-26th, October, 2013. In this event, we would like to present you bredent SKY fast & fixed - Update Therapy thanks of innovative materials and technologies as well as demonstrating bredent group commitment to its partners in Romanian market.

We are happy to announce the presence of Porsche Bucuresti Vest 2 as partner of our event, together with the event's official car - Audi A6.

We are also honored to welcome Mr. Wolfgang Lechner  –  Export Sales Manager | bredent medical GmbH & Co KG, Dr. Eugenia A. Michailidou, Prof. Univ. Dr. Elena Preoteasa, Ms.Catrinel Hagivreta - Dent Estet, Lecturer PhD DSD Dr. Adrian Fronie, MDT Stephan Adler, Prof. Univ. Dr. Pierangelo Oliveri, Dr. Antonio Maria Ruggeri,  MDT Jörg Lermer, Dr. Bogdan Mătușoiu, Mr. Vikram Vaidya - SP Dental India, Dr. Laurențiu Florică, Dr. Mihăiță Secu, DT Vasile Băcilă, Dr. Alexandru Severin, Dr. Florian Obădan and DT Costin Andreiu coming to join  as speakers with our event.

Event Location
Partner: Porsche Bucuresti Vest 2

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