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Dr. Martina Stefanini, Italy
Soft tissue management around teeth and implant
• Born in Bologna on 13/09/1978
• Graduated in Dentistry in 2005 cum laude.
• 2011 obtained level II Master in Periodontology at the University of Siena (Italy)
• 2012 active member of the Italian Society of Periodontology
• Visiting Professor at San Raffaele University Milan 2015-2016
• In 2016 PhD in general medical sciences at bologna university
• In 2017 research fellow at Bologna university
• Since 2005 to data scientific and clinical collaboration with Prof Zucchelli at Bologna University and in private practice.
• Co-author of many scientifically papers in national and international journals and speakers at several conferences.
• Title of the lecture: Soft tissue management around teeth and implant
• The lecture will focus on mucogingival surgery techniques.
• The coronally advanced flap for single and multiple recession defects will be described step by step through clinical cases and videos. The adjunctive use of the connective tissue graft or substitutes will be discussed and the harvesting technique described.
• A novel combined prosthetic and mucogingival approach for the treatment of soft tissue dehiscence around implant will be described.

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