sâmbătă, 23 septembrie 2017

Prof. Dr. Manfred Lang, Germany
Keep or Learn Skills with the Phantom simulation | IFZI GmbH, Prof. Dr. Manfred Lang
• Studied dentistry in Munich and Erlangen
• Active in implantology since 1972
• Diplomatic Status of ICOI
• Past-President of DGZI
• Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Implant Dentistry New York University (1997 to 2007)
• Inventor of the SKY implant system
• Own patents in the implantology sector
• Developers of practical training on artificial patients in implant surgery and - Prosthetic ("The implantation simulator")
• Director of the International Training Centre of Dental Implantology (IFZI)
• Numerous publications in specialist journals for Implantology
• Speaker at home and abroad
• Textbook author
• Private Practice Dental Implantology

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